Green Ben (EBEN)

Utility & Governance

Green Ben (EBEN) is the utility and governance token of BenSwap on smartBCH. Users need EBEN to use some of the products on BenSwap. Holders can share the appreciation and be able to vote and make decisions for the project. Our expectation is that the token price will benefit from the decreases in emission rate and implementation of deflationary mechanisms and other utilities.

Contract address: 0x77CB87b57F54667978Eb1B199b28a0db8C8E1c0B

We conducted a presale to facilitate a fair launch. It was concluded on August 28, 2021 and a total of 4,237,955 EBEN tokens were sold.

Farming starts at block height: 462600.

The initial emission rate is 10 EBEN per block and it is reduced by 10% every week until it reaches 2 EBEN per block.

Current emission rate: 2 EBEN per block.

For every 10 EBEN tokens emitted, an additional EBEN token is sent to the developer address for development, marketing, partnership, and other necessary engagements.

Deflationary Mechanisms

Other Utilities


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