NFT Factory


Anyone can conveniently create tokens through our NFT factory. We are not responsible for the meaning, validity, image availability, image uniqueness, etc. of the created NFTs. If a created token contains hateful, racist, or pornographic content to an excessive degree, we will consider blocking it without further notice to the token holder.

This product helps you create NFTs easily without any coding skills.

Multimedia Support

Please check it here.

Create a single NFT

Conveniently create a single NFT for various purposes.

What is the current fee to create a single NFT?


100% of the fee is directly burned and cannot be refunded!

Where can I find the NFT I created?

Navigate to NFT Market -> Miscellaneous.

Who is responsible for the availability of the image URL?

The token creator. BenSwap does not copy and custody the image during the process. If the image URL becomes unavailable, the NFT will lose its image.

Create a collection

It is still under development.


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