The first concentrated liquidity market maker (CLMM) solution on smartBCH
Gridex is a concentrated liquidity solution provided by the smartBCH team, pioneering the use of many small Bancor pools to make markets in user-specified ranges; unlike the NFT design of Uniswap V3, Gridex's liquidity token is an ERC1155 token, which is more advantageous in transferring liquidity and rewarding liquidity providers.
Benswap is the first to implement a concentrated liquidity solution on smartBCH based on Gridex. You can add liquidity and view liquidity. Gridex no longer offers a separate trading page, and its trading is integrated in Aggregator Pro.
Trading pairs in Gridex require a fixed token sort. So, when you get a notification "Please change the order of the selected tokens", you need to change the order of the selected tokens.
Gridex must be based on an existing classic exchange pair, so when you are prompted with "This trading pair is not supported. Please add liquidity in our classic exchange first", please add liquidity on the classic exchange.
After adding liquidity successfully, if your liquidity page is not updated, you may import it manually by clicking on the "Import" button.
We support fee levels of 0.5% and 3%. Generally speaking, 0.5% is recommended for stable currency pairs and 3% for non-stable currency pairs. At the moment, in order not to disperse liquidity, we have fixed fees for trading pairs and do not support custom fees.
Gridex currently does not support tokens that need fee when using Transfer or TransferFrom.