BenLock is a token locker module to time-lock your tokens and showcase to others for security purposes. Each locker has a contract address, and its status can be verified on the BenLock explorer.

BenLock is the first locker module on smartBCH to enable locking special types of tokens which have transaction fees. The locker fee is also very low. Locking BenSwap LP tokens is free, and the LP details are presented to users.


How do I create a locker for my token?

Please follow the steps on the "Create" page to generate a locker.

What is the current fee to create a locker?

10 EBEN. The fee is waived if the token being locked is a BenSwap LP token.

100% of the fee is directly burned and cannot be refunded!

You can copy the address or public link at the bottom of your locker.

What advantage do I have if I choose to lock BenSwap LP tokens?

Locking BenSwap LP is free. On top of that, the explorer will show the current token detail of the LPs in the locker. The lockers with BenSwap LPs also have better looks :).

Can I change the unlock time for my existing locker?

No. The unlock time cannot be changed once a locker is created. Please be careful and set the correct unlock time.

Can I transfer my locker to someone else?

Yes. Please click the "Transfer Ownership" button to pass the ownership. Only owner can withdraw the fund. However, the new owner has to find it on the explorer because the "My Lockers" page only shows the lockers you created.


BenSwap LP Validator: 0x7888872828c92e8cF0d7bbc04B52CFe6fDD4Ffdf

BenLock Factory: 0x5507194a62c02Ac47eD6da5Ab178C3cf62d4CEF4

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