This token template derives from the BRC-20 token standard on the Bitcoin network, which is well known for its relatively fair token distribution model. With this token template you can experiece the inscription processes of BRC-20 tokens.

Minting Fee

The token deployer can set an optional minting fee in EBEN. This fee has to be paid in each minting action. If the mining fee is not set, the token will become free to mint.

100% of the minting fee is directly burned.


Does a token deployer have any privileges?

No. Token deployers do not have any additional privileges other than the ability to set some attributes at the time of deployment.

Why the "Mint" button is disabled for me?

There could be several possible causes. The max supply of this token may have been reached. Your wallet may have reached the minting limit. Or that you don't have enough EBEN in your wallet to pay for the minting fee.

I see a "Canonical" property in the token explorer. What does that mean?

For the same token symbol, only the first deployed token will have this "Canonical" property. This means that if you deploy a token with this template whose symbol has been used by someone else before, then your token will not be able to have this property.

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