You can play against other players in the arena. There are a variety of ways to play in the PokéBen Arena, including casual and competitive modes, and there will be some events to earn big prizes waiting for you to participate from time to time.



In the world of PokéBen, there is a variety of types. Active abilities used in a fight will have different effects depending on the types of the opponent. If the opponent has more than one types, the effect of an ability becomes an overlapping of its effects with each type of the opponent.

Active Abilities

During a duel, a PokéBen will automatically choose an active ability that will cause the most damage based on the types of the enemy and the quality of the ability, and use it repeatedly throughout the duel.


If a PokéBen has an active ability of one of its types (obtained by learning from an ability scroll), when using this skill to deal damage to the opponent, there is a certain chance that the opponent will get a debuff of that type, which will reduce the opponent's defense. This debuff of the same type cannot be stacked, but debuffs of different types can be stacked.

Hit Effects

Each attack will have a different hit effect depending on the states of both sides, as well as a certain probability. The current hit effects include: Miss, Dodged, Weak Hit, Normal Hit, Powerful Hit, Critical Hit, and Double Hit.


A PokéBen can obtain some buffs through his passive abilities, as well as the states of both sides in a fight. The current categories of buffs include: Attack, Defense, HP, Dodge Rate, Powerful Hit Rate, Critical Hit Rate, and Double Hit Rate.

Passive Abilities

A PokéBen can learn some passive abilities of its types through ability scrolls, and these abilities can add buffs to themselves in a fight. However, for this type of buffs, the resulting buff of a passive ability of the same category (e.g. Dodge Rate) cannot stack. If a PokéBen has two or more passive abilities of the same category, it will automatically choose the most effective passive ability to use in a fight.

Team Battle

Order of Appearance

In a team battle, PokéBens will appear in the order set by the owner of the team to duel against the PokéBens from the opponent team. If a PokéBen wins in a duel, it will remain on the stage to fight the opponent's next PokéBen. Until one side has no PokéBen left to fight, the team that remains on the stage wins.


In a fierce team battle, a PokéBen can be injured and can not recover immediately. Even if it wins in a duel, the damage it takes carries over to the next fight. It will have the HP at the end of the previous duel to start the next one.


In a fierce team battle, a PokéBen can be injured and can not recover immediately. Even if it wins in a duel, the debuffs it has carry over to the next fight.

Hero Support

If there is a PokéBenHero leading a team, its quality will have positive effects on its members, resulting in certain increase in their attributes.

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