RPC Nodes
Our sites use UATX's global RPC as the default RPC node. However you can switch the RPC node by using a query string "rpcnode". This is useful when there are likely RPC related issues or if you seek a faster speed.
Available options:
  • default: https://global.uat.cash/
  • rpcnode=1: "https://smartbch.fountainhead.cash/mainnet"
  • rpcnode=2: "https://smartbch.greyh.at"
  • rpcnode=3: "https://smart-bch.btc.com"
  • rpcnode=4: "https://rpc.uatvo.com"
For example: https://benswap.cash/?rpcnode=1 https://dex.benswap.cash/?rpcnode=3 https://chartpro.benswap.cash/?rpcnode=2
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