RPC Nodes

You can switch the RPC node by using a query string "rpcnode". This is useful when there are likely RPC related issues or if you seek a faster speed.

Available Options

  • rpcnode=0: https://global.uat.cash/

  • rpcnode=1: "https://smartbch.fountainhead.cash/mainnet"

  • rpcnode=2 (default): "https://smartbch.greyh.at"

  • rpcnode=3: "https://smart-bch.btc.com"

  • rpcnode=4: "https://rpc.uatvo.com"

  • rpcnode=5: "https://rpc.smartbch.org"

You can visit https://chainlist.org/chain/10000 to test the speed of public RPC nodes.


The browser will remember your last choice of rpcnode and keep using it. if you want to switch back to the default RPC node, use rpcnode=2 to override and change it back.


https://benswap.cash/?rpcnode=1 https://chartpro.benswap.cash/?rpcnode=3

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