A blockchain-based grave offers numerous advantages over a traditional physical grave. From an environmental perspective, a blockchain grave is inherently more eco-friendly and, arguably, exhibits greater durability. It is also particularly useful in locations such as war zones, where physical burials may be impractical or impossible. In contrast, the longevity of blockchain-based graves aligns with the enduring nature of the underlying blockchain technology, potentially offering an extended and sustainable form of remembrance. This aspect enhances its appeal by prolonging the social life of the deceased.


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Grave Ownership

Each grave is an NFT that can be transferred and traded by the owner. However, the owner of the grave does not have any privileges associated with the function of the grave.


What is the current fee to create a grave?

10 EBEN.

100% of the fee is directly burned and cannot be refunded!


BenSwap Grave: 0x850C860C9288Cd4e8bfcEff46ebCA4E358563d91

CemeteryController: 0x01cE3fc62d76C30B5Db96C2d70354B84df29df5E

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