Initial Ben Offerings
This feature is supposed to help projects raise fund and easily jumpstart.
100% of fees, taxes, and sponsorships will be converted to EBEN and burned.
We will prioritize DEX listing for tokens that had successful IBOs.

What is the current fee to launch an IBO campaign?

100% of the launch fee is directly burned and cannot be refunded!

What are the supported raising tokens?

EBEN (20% tax rate)
WBCH (0.5% tax rate)
flexUSD (0.5% tax rate)
Taxes are taken from campaign owners and 100% will be converted to EBEN and burned.

How do I participate in a campaign?

Click on the "Participate" button and enter the amount of raising token you would like to participate with. Offering tokens will be directly sent to your wallet after you submit.
BenSwap is not associated with any IBO campaign. Please do your own research and participate at your own risk! We disclaim any liability in connection with the use of IBO.
How do I sponsor for a campaign and what benefit does that bring?
Anyone can add sponsorship for a campaign by clicking on the "Sponsor" button.
Sponsor Button
When a campaign reaches 1000 EBEN sponsorship it will have a glowing frame.
Glowing Frame
The owner can also request to list the campaign in the marketplace when it reaches 100 EBEN sponsorship (see more requirement below).
The campaigns in the marketplace are sorted in the order of their sponsorship.
100% of the sponsorship fee is directly burned and cannot be refunded!

I am the owner. How do I add my campaign to the market?

When a campaign meets minimum required sponsorship, the owner can provide the following info to the team @benlisting to request for a market listing:
A minimum sponsorship is required to request for the market listing. We reserve the right to approve or deny the request and there is no refund. Please do not assume a listing when you pay the sponsorship.

I am the owner. How do I add profile picture and more information on my campaign?

Method 1:
Please update ibos.json and add the profile picture under the \ibos folder.
Method 2:
Join https://t.me/benlisting and provide information then we will add for you after team review.
    Profile picture (600x420 jpg)
    Other information (Optional): Website, Twitter, Telegram, etc.

I am the owner. How do I promote my campaign?

You may join the telegram group @BENIBOPROMOTION to freely advertise your campaign. You may also use the public link to freely advertise it the ways you prefer.
Go to "My Campaigns" and you can get the public link in the detail section.
Campaign Link

I am the owner. How do I end my campaign?

Owner of the campaign can conclude it by clicking on the "Conclude" button. After that all the raising tokens and offering tokens left in the campaign will be sent to the owner and the campaign will be closed.
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