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The NFT market is a highly speculative and volatile market. The value of NFTs can fluctuate rapidly and unpredictably, and the market is subject to manipulation and fraud. By purchasing or trading in NFTs, you assume all risk associated with the market. We make no guarantees or warranties regarding the value or authenticity of any NFT. We strongly advise that you conduct your own research and due diligence before making any purchase or trade. We are not responsible for any losses or damages incurred as a result of your participation in the NFT market.

Our NFT market works for any ERC721 contracts that support the interface of ERC721Enumerable. It uses EBEN as trading currency.

This product is free to use and we do not take any commission.

NFT Market Watcher Group:

You can search by address to find any NFT collection even it is not on the default list.

You can check all NFTs of a collection in the browse tab. Search by token ID to find a specific NFT.

NFT Listing

We recommend that you create your collection on NFT Factory so that we don't need to verify your token contract. This would also speed up your token listing process.

Please take the following steps to list your NFT collections.

Step 1: Fork the GitHub repository

Step 2: Under the \assets folder, create a new folder and use the NFT contract checksum address as the new folder name.

Step 3: Add NFT collection metadata (info.json) into the new folder.

Step 4: Add NFT collection logo (png) into the new folder.

Step 5: Make a pull request and patiently wait for our team review.

NFT Market Default List

Prerequisites: Please make sure that the metadata and logo have already been added using the steps above.

Step 1: Fork the GitHub repository

Step 2: Under the \nftfolder, add your NFT collection into out NFT market default list (nftmarketdefault.json).

Step 3: Make a pull request and patiently wait for our team review.

Need Help?

Please join if you need additional assistance or want to ask about the status of your pull request.

English Auction

In an English auction, cancellation is only permissible in the absence of any bids. Once a bid has been placed, the auction's proprietor is obliged to uphold the process until its scheduled expiration. Exercise caution when determining the auction's duration to avoid any complications.

Multimedia Support

In addition to the general image formats (jpg, png, gif, webp, etc.), our NFT market supports using multimedia files as image URL. Below are the supported multimedia file extensions:

  Video: "GLB","GLTF","M4V","MP4","OGV","WEBM","OGG"
  Audio: "MP3","WAV","OGA"

You can even use a link of some popular platforms. Below are the supported websites:


Our NFT market also supports using the link of a multimedia file or special website as external URL while using a separate image as image URL. In such cases users can click the image to invoke the multimedia.


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