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IBOv2 is an upgraded version of IBO, with many changes and enhancements.

IBO is an automated tool for decentralized fundraising. This feature aims to help teams raise fund and kickstart their projects. Please prepare your token and follow the steps on the "Launch" page to initiate your IBO campaign.

Once an IBO campaign is created, it will appear on the "Explorer" and "My Campaigns" pages. There will also be a public link for it, and it is searchable by the IBO contract address.

100% of the campaign creation fee is burned.

We may prioritize the DEX listings for successful and genuine projects that raised fund through IBO.

Changes from v1

  • Tax and sponsorship are removed. Only fee is the flat creation fee.

  • No more restriction on the choice of raising tokens. You can raise whatever SEP-20 tokens you want.

  • Market is replaced with spotlight. All campaigns can show on the explorer under history.

  • You can manage a favorite list of campaigns.

  • Integrated with BenLock and added strategies to handle tokens when a campaign ends.

  • Owners can set ending requirements and it will go public once confirmed, adding extra confidence to the campaigns.

  • Added security support like audit & KYC.


How do I create an IBO campaign?

Anyone can create an IBO campaign. Please follow the steps on the "Launch" page to create a campaign.

What is the current fee to launch an IBO campaign?


100% of the launch fee is directly burned and cannot be refunded!

How do I participate in a campaign?

Click on the "Participate" button and enter the amount of raising token you would like to participate with. Offering tokens will be directly sent to your wallet after you submit.

I am the owner. How do I promote my campaign?

You may join the telegram group @BENIBOPROMOTION to advertise your campaign or use any other forms of advertisement of your choice.

Go to "My Campaigns" and you can copy the public link in the detail section.

I am the owner. What are the ending requirements and how do I set them?

As the campaign owner, you can set some restrictions on your campaign, and it will go public once it is confirmed, giving extra confidence for your campaign. Ending requirements include minimum block height, minimum timestamp, and minimum offering token sold. A campaign cannot be concluded without all the ending requirements met. You can always change these settings until it is confirmed. Once it is confirmed, the requirements will be set in stone and go public, please review carefully before confirming (by hitting the "Confirm Requirements" button).

I am a campaign owner. How do I add liquidity with raised tokens and time-lock the liquidity upon campaign conclusion?

Please choose the "Add Liquidity and Lock" strategy for raised tokens when you create your campaign. Additionally, you may choose to add the remaining offering token balance to the liquidity as well by choosing "Add Liquidity with Raised Tokens".

Once the campaign is created, please add some offering tokens to pair with the raised token by clicking the "Add Liquidity Tokens" button. A campaign with this strategy requires non-zero raised tokens and non-zero added offering liquidity tokens to conclude.

I am a campaign owner. I cannot conclude my campaign and there is a button called "Send Locker Fee (xxx EBEN)". What does that mean?

You have chosen to lock some of the raised tokens or remaining offering tokens in ending strategies. In this case, you need to send some fee to create the lockers, which is required by BenLock. After sending the locker fee you will be able to conclude the campaign.

I am a campaign owner. I have clicked the "Conclude" button, but I do not see my locker on BenLock. And there is a button called "Conclude (Continue)". What does that mean?

Depending on the ending strategies of your campaign, there could be extra steps in the contract that might need you to send more than one transaction to finish the whole ending process. If there is a 'Conclude (Continue)' button on the campaign card, it means that the campaign has not been fully concluded.

Please continue to click the 'Conclude (Continue)' button until it shows "Concluded".

I am the owner. How do I add profile picture and more information for my campaign?

Step 1: Fork the GitHub repository https://github.com/BenTokenFinance/benswapbch-assets

Step 2: Update ibov2s.json and/or add the profile picture under the \ibov2s folder.

Step 3: Make a pull request and patiently wait for our team review.

Please join https://t.me/benlisting if you need additional assistance or want to ask about the status of your pull request.


IBO v2 Factory: 0x455D6EAD2bbB3553Be12A9528054A41136FeB731

IBO v2 Ending Strategy - Simply Sending Remaining Offering Tokens: 0x322de556F8d2368E47753C67B73F00e954fE9b70

IBO v2 Ending Strategy - Simply Sending Raised Tokens: 0x448b2DdA9928bFE3b4605C725Ee28b5f2Ef75792

IBO v2 Ending Strategy - Time-Locking Raised Tokens: 0x3c71f8DBcf49F793f381787119E9E33B6eaa5DE6

IBO v2 Ending Strategy - Time-Locking Remaining Offering Tokens: 0x9B91e9d6Fe836e8827c35815A8e701a53fA2D88c

IBO v2 Ending Strategy - Adding Raised Tokens to Liquidity + Time-Locking: 0xa230368E7F85c35d0195728e149e1d80D7858995

IBO v2 Ending Strategy - Sending Remaining Offering Tokens to the Strategy for Raised Tokens: 0x18f08fdE3d616f5DeaF8b37d6abF25F5386732bB

IBO v2 Ending Strategy - Adding Raised Tokens to Liquidity + Sending: 0x7303A4f8e9B1abCa1eC4A81382A9D9F125c7a155

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