You can track and analyze the price movement of tokens on BenSwap ChartPro.

ChartPro supports SEP20 tokens that have minimum liquidity on BenSwap DEX. For any token with sufficient liquidity and at least one trading record on BenSwap DEX, Chartpro will automatically list the token. Vice versa, it will be automatically delisted if the liquidity is insufficient.

Minimum liquidity required: 10 SBCH being 5 SBCH worth of a base token in the LP pool (to show) or 5 SBCH being 2.5 SBCH worth of a base token in the LP pool (to keep). The liquidity must be in any pair with a base token (SBCH, EBEN, or bbUSDT).

Once a token is listed on Chartpro, you can also track the liquidity and trades across all DEXes on smartBCH.

ChartPro also has a Market Cap page to track and compare all tokens on smartBCH.

Advertising on ChartPro

We provide paid advertisements on ChartPro. Please join in to consult. For each promotion, 50% of the income is burned and 50% is rewarded to the team. The advertised token has to be already listed on BenSwap. Below are the promo spots that are currently available:

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