You can observe and analyze the price movement dynamically with BenSwap ChartPro.
ChartPro only supports SEP20 tokens that have liquidity on BenSwap DEX. Any token with sufficient liquidity and at least one trading record on BenSwap DEX will be automatically listed on ChartPro (and will be automatically delisted if there is insufficient liquidity).
Minimum liquidity required for a token to show on ChartPro : 5 BCH worth of liquidity in any pair.
We reserve the right to change the above terms with or without further notice.

Advertising on ChartPro

We provide paid promotions on ChartPro. Please join to request a promotion. 50% of this income is burned and 50% is rewarded to the team. The promoted token needs to be already listed on BenSwap. Below are the promo spots that are currently available:

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Current rate: 100 EBEN/week
Last modified 2d ago
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