Unleash the power of evolution in PokéBen! Watch your creatures evolve or mutate into entirely different forms. Start your journey today and watch as your creatures transform into unstoppable forces!

Change of NFT

During the evolution process, the old PokéBen NFT is burned, and a new PokéBen with a higher rarity is minted if successful. This means that the level, name, and abilities of the old PokéBen will be lost. However, since the level and abilities increase the power of the old PokéBen, hence contribute to increase the chance of a successful evolution.


A PokéBen has a chance to mutate into another random form during the evolution process.

Rarity Cap

PokéBens with legendary (or higher) rarity cannot participate in the evolution, because they are too powerful!


You can add EBEN as catalysts to increase the chance of a successful evolution.

100% of the EBEN cost used as catalysts is burned.


const base = 10**(rarity+1);
const success = (power/10) + catalysts;
const failure = (success > base * 8) ? (base * 2) : (base * 10 - success);
const evolution = canEvolve ? (success * 2 / 3) : 0;
const mutation = success - evolution;
const total = success + failure;

const chanceOfEvolution = evolution / total;
const chanceOfMutation = mutation / total;
const chanceOfFailure = failure / total;

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