SEP-20 Factory

BenSwap's SEP-20 Factory is a feature to create and manage your own SEP-20 tokens.

What are the advantages of BenSwap Sep-20 Factory?

  1. Highly customizable and extensible: Our token factory is designed in a way that it is easy to plug in new template to give more options to customize your tokens.

  2. Safety: Using a set of template contracts to create tokens reduces the chance of rug pulls (e.g., using unexpected functions in the contract etc.). It also eliminates the need to verify each token contract on the chain.

  3. Transparency: All the properties of a token created on BenSwap Sep-20 Factory are on our token explorer so anyone can check them without the need of any coding skills.

  4. Easy to use: People will be able to create complex tokens without any coding skills, all in BenSwap Sep-20 Factory.

  5. Low fee: No need to hire expensive developers.


How do I create my token?

Please follow the steps on the "Create" page to generate a new token.

What is the current fee to create a token?

10 EBEN.

100% of the fee is directly burned and cannot be refunded!

You can copy the address or public link at the bottom of your token card.

Token Templates


SEP-20 Factory: 0x73410fa5CE7401272055a45DCaff7170D343433a

SEP-20 Token Template - Basic: 0xE8280F2cd8728DA467c8Ec101241ef39f0041d35

SEP-20 Token Template - Liquidity Generator: 0x6a737C379DaE77Bb085cA0c2902360A74Bf982A2

SEP-20 Token Template - Annuity: 0xF791b30349DCf95b19ED7011808EA7adEad98EAE

SEP-20 Token Template - MultiMint: 0x6126F03384D805567FD5A4879D7A1B1a3Bfd99F4

SEP-20 Token Template - Inscriptions: 0xe657F586F107b824A4eBD01E999c06eDB2e73621

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