BenSwap (SmartBCH)

SEP-20 Factory

BenSwap's SEP-20 Factory is a feature to create and manage your own SEP-20 tokens.
What are the advantages of BenSwap Sep-20 Factory?
  1. 1.
    Highly customizable and extensible: Our token factory is designed in a way that it is easy to plug in new template to give more flexibilities/options to customize your tokens.
  2. 2.
    Safety: Using a set of template contracts to create tokens reduces the chance of rug pulls (by unexpected functions in the contract etc.). It also eliminates the need to verify each token contract on the chain.
  3. 3.
    Transparency: All the properties of a token created on BenSwap Sep-20 Factory are on our token explorer so anyone can check them without the need of any coding skills.
  4. 4.
    Easy to use: People will be able to create complex tokens without the need of any coding skills, all in BenSwap Sep-20 Factory.
  5. 5.
    Low fee: Only 5 EBEN. No need to hire expensive developers.

How do I create my token?

Please follow the steps on the "Create" page to generate a new token.

What is the current fee to create a token?

10 EBEN.
100% of the fee is directly burned and cannot be refunded!
You can copy the address or public link at the bottom of your token card.

Token Template: Liquidity Generator

You can use this template to create a popular type of token that has a % of fee in each transaction. Based on the settings, the fee will: be reflected to all token holders for passive yield, or/and to add to the liquidity, or/and to send to a charity/marketing address.

What are the meanings of these fields?

Transaction fee to generate yield (%): The % from every transaction distributed to all token holders.
Transaction fee to generate liquidity (%): The % from every transaction distributed to the liquidity pool.
Charity/Marketing (%): The % from every transaction distributed to a charity/marketing address.
Charity/Marketing address: Amount from "Charity/Marketing (%)" will be distributed to this address.

What else should I know about this token template?

Total transaction fee cannot be more than 25%.
Charity/Marketing (%) is only effective with a valid charity/marketing address.
If the fee to generate liquidity (%) is more than 0, please add some liquidity to the WBCH pair on BenSwap right after the token creation to avoid transaction errors later.
When you remove liquidity for this token type, please select "Receive WBCH" to avoid transaction error or extra fees (see below), unless the router address is whitelisted.

What privilege do I have as a token contract owner?

As the owner of a liquidity generator token contract, you can manage a whitelist. Click on the whitelist related buttons to add/remove/check an address in the popup windows. There will be no transaction fee if either the sender or the receiver is in the whitelist. The token creator is added to the whitelist by default.
You can also transfer or renounce the ownership just like other token types.

Token Template: Annuity

You can use this template to create a token that works like an annuity, which pays out a series of payments over a span of time back to the user. Users can stake to get compound interest or switch to payout mode to enjoy a series of payment over time.

What are the meanings of these fields?

Staking APY: The effective rate of return for one year. As an example, 100% APY means users will double their fund every year in staking mode. The maximum APY you can set is 300%.
Payout Period: In the payout mode, the balance is slowly/gradually released and becomes available for the user. Here you can set the length of this period.
Number of Inflationary Years: By setting this number you can control when the inflation ends. Staking interest will stop after these years. You can set a maximum of 50 inflationary years.

What are the two different modes and how do I switch between them?

Anyone is either in the staking mode or payout mode. In the staking mode you can stake tokens to get interest. In the payout mode there is no interest, and all the balance (staked + interest) will become gradually available to collect. You can switch them on the UI when you have a staking balance. Remember, every time you switch from staking mode to payout mode, the payout period will be reset, and you need to wait the whole period to get the full balance.

I really need my fund. In payout mode, is there any way to get my fund back before it is available?

Yes. There is a button called "Force Payout", by clicking which you can get some of the balance early. However, there is a 50% penalty to the unavailable balance. This is highly not recommended, and you will lose half of the fund that should be locked otherwise.

What privilege do I have as a token contract owner?

None. Once the token is created, the owner will get the initial supply. Other than that, the contract owner has no special privilege after token creation.


SEP-20 Token Template - Basic: 0xE8280F2cd8728DA467c8Ec101241ef39f0041d35
SEP-20 Token Template - Liquidity Generator: 0x6a737C379DaE77Bb085cA0c2902360A74Bf982A2
SEP-20 Token Template - Annuity: 0xF791b30349DCf95b19ED7011808EA7adEad98EAE