Projects often have trouble incentivizing liquidity providers. They have to give some rewards manually or deploy MasterChef-like contracts and make website UI or rely on DEX farms which is usually not easy.
BenSwap Ranches is a revolutionary feature that gives projects the freedom and an alternative option to incentivizing liquidity providers without the need of any coding skills. Anyone can create a ranch, set up a few properties, and let it run by itself. Liquidity providers can stake their LPs and earn selected tokens in ranches, just like yield farming.

How do I create a ranch?

Please follow the steps on the "Create" page to start a ranch. You need some tokens in your wallet. You will be able to change emission later but not start block or deposit fee rate, so make sure you set them properly.

How do I get the approximate block height of a time in the future when I create a ranch?

You can check the current block height on SmartScan. The block time is around 5-6s per block on SmartBCH so please do some math. The start block can NOT be changed so please set it up correctly. A start block in the past will start the ranch immediately after creation.

What is the current fee to create a ranch?

20 EBEN.
100% of the fee is directly burned and cannot be refunded!

How do I find the LP address?

Use BenSwap LP Finder inside the "Toys" submenu.

Is it safe to stake my LPs in a ranch?

There is no migrator in a ranch contract so generally speaking it is safe and you can unstake at any time. However, there are some caveats. The owner can set a deposit fee rate. Please take into account all factors like emission, balance, owner renounced or not etc. and make sure you can accept that before staking. There are also malicious people who may alter the contract of the token being harvested to prevent you from unstaking LPs. These are rare cases but please do enough research on the relevant tokens before staking. There are also other risks similar to Yield Farming.
Disclaimer: BenSwap Ranches is a tool to help third party projects to incentive liquidity providers. These projects do NOT pertain to BenSwap and BenSwap does NOT provide investment advisory services in any manner or form. The ownership of any investment decision shall exclusively vest with the investors after analyzing all possible risk factors and by exercise of the independent discretion. BenSwap shall not be liable or held liable of any consequences thereof.

What can the ranch owner do to a ranch?

The owner has the privilege to change the emission rate or end the ranch prematurely and retrieve the remaining balance. The owner can also change fee address, transfer the ownership to a different address, or renounce the ownership.

How do I check the owner of a ranch and how do I know if the contract is renounced?

You can check the current owner in the detail section. For a renounced ranch, the owner address is 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD.

What happens when the token balance is drained in a ranch?

The ranch ends itself automatically when there is no remaining balance. Harvesting is first come first served, so please harvest in time.

Can I inject more fund to a ranch to increase its lifespan?

Yes. Anyone can inject more fund to a ranch. This is usually done by the owner or the project team. The owner can end a ranch and retrieve the remaining balance. So, make sure this is what you want if the ranch is not renounced.

How does a ranch end and is there any way to reactivate it?

A ranch ends when the token balance is drained, or if it is manually ended by the owner. Once a ranch is ended, there is no way to reactivate it.

What happens to my LPs after a ranch is ended?

LPs won't automatically come back to you, but you can unstake at any time.

How do I get the address of a ranch?

You can open the "Ranch Link" or view on SmartScan to get the ranch address.


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