No Migrator Code

The migrator code has been removed from the MasterBreeder contract.

// Set the migrator contract. Can only be called by the owner.
function setMigrator(IMigratorChef _migrator) public onlyOwner {
    migrator = _migrator;

// Migrate lp token to another lp contract. Can be called by anyone. We trust that migrator contract is good.
function migrate(uint256 _pid) public {
    require(address(migrator) != address(0), "migrate: no migrator");
    PoolInfo storage pool = poolInfo[_pid];
    BEP20 lpToken = pool.lpToken;
    uint256 bal = lpToken.balanceOf(address(this));
    lpToken.safeApprove(address(migrator), bal);
    IBEP20 newLpToken = migrator.migrate(lpToken);
    require(bal == newLpToken.balanceOf(address(this)), "migrate: bad");
    pool.lpToken = newLpToken;

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