PokéBen is a captivating game that will transport you to a world of adventure and excitement!
In this game, you'll embark on a journey to become the ultimate PokéBen trainer. You'll travel across the land, seeking out powerful creatures known as PokéBens, and battling other trainers to prove your skills.
But PokéBen is not just about catching and battling. Along the way, you'll discover new places to explore, meet fascinating characters, and uncover hidden treasures. You'll also encounter rare and mysterious PokéBens, each with their own special abilities and powers.
As you progress through the game, you'll develop your own strategies and techniques, build a team of powerful PokéBens, and compete against other trainers in epic battles. And with regular updates and new features, there will always be something new to discover and explore in the world of PokéBen.
So gear up, get ready to explore, and embark on a thrilling adventure like no other. The world of PokéBen is waiting for you!


0: Very Common (Color:
1: Common (Color:
2: Uncommon (Color:
3: Rare (Color:
4: Epic (Color:
5(1): Legendary (Color:
5(2): Limited/Mythic (Color:
5(3): Unique (Color:

Initial Power

Initial power is based on rarity. The fomula is:
uint256 s = 10**rarity;
uint256 initialPower = 80 * s + (randomInteger) % (40 * s);


A PokéBen with greater rarity is harder to level up. Each level will give a PokéBen an increase on base power, the number is approximately 10% of the initial power with some randomness. The fomula is:
uint256 s = 10**rarity;
uint256 basePowerIncrease = 8 * s + (randomInteger) % (4 * s);

Base Power & Power

Base power is based on PokéBen rarity and level. Power is calculated with abilities and other factors on top of the base power.



PokéBen: 0xFDEd6cD4B88a24e00d9Ea242338367fe734CBff5
PokéBenItem: 0x335bF14Af7c6b2993434bB700AF0f1Afcf27d782
PokéBenKindRaritySetting: 0xCfA1A45d2C9590d93AA0403CD388F944D8322937
PokéBenKindRaritySettingLite: 0xf8f7e6632A223E674631825b4D23E67224307665
PokéBenKindTypeSetting: 0x9CdD9a21B8A5eA28B96d6a2B3B86adF21aE52001
PokéBenKindEvolutionSetting: 0x60Cb95F5b31b3c2959aB8a262BF54B90AB4F1Bca
PokéBenAbilitySetting: 0x53c555A2C38B432519c0e1C450daeee3360e9Cf4
PokéBenAbilityScrollSetting: 0x196fe2998d767CC54f1052540dD3740F2046A157
PokéBenNFTNameExtension: 0xfaf933c76E2ae21a63DF65bbD3888B3FB2Fc43Ae
PokéBenAbilityExtension: 0x23662b10e4067480A39d337BA08ac898B90b7F80
PokéBenPowerExtension: 0xa02Bd13da796DcCABf18ae513DDB327Fa5cB3672
PokéBenHuntV2: 0x2f9EdbEA43256546a9269598a033d65E67Ef1B9b
PokéBenAbilityTrainingRoom: 0x1583aCA9Ad70d6CfF8e7bA27957092CC82310c00
PokéBenEvoluterV1: 0x201fA5675EF8b87662066F802f7cACE876102297
PokéBenPvpExtension: 0xEb04747bceA46eBD61D441389D0147c279BC3E5f
PokéBenTeamExtension: 0x481E2ab61868F6a8DBe49b386a1fcE17E1Cd2B23
PokéBenMultipurposeExtension: 0xc84d10135275bf3dDc713D7fAe9Dd811517c2830