BenSwap (SmartBCH)


This feature can help you airdrop SEP-20 tokens. You can set a total amount and add some randomness or set specific amount for each address. You can put one address in each line up to 300 addresses.

Line Format

“Total” Mode: {Address}
"Specified" Mode: {Address},{Amount}

Randomness Range

You can set a randomness range in the "total" mode. The amount sent to each address will randomly deviate from the average within the range. For example, when sending a total of 1mil tokens to 100 addresses with a 10% randomness range, each address will receive a random amount between 9k-11k.

Import CSV

The app can load data from a CSV file with correct input. Check input samples of different modes below.
"Total" Mode Example
"Specified" Mode Example