This product can help you airdrop SEP-20 tokens. You can set a total amount and add some randomness or set specific amount for each address. You can put one address in each line up to 300 addresses.

This service is free to use.

Line Format

“Total” Mode: {Address}

"Specified" Mode: {Address},{Amount}

Randomness Range

You can set a randomness range in the "total" mode. The amount sent to each address will randomly deviate from the average within the range. For example, when sending a total of 1mil tokens to 100 addresses with a 10% randomness range, each address will receive a random amount between 9k-11k.

Import CSV

The app can load data from a CSV file with correct input. Check input samples of different modes below.


Airdropper: 0xc13d273485B4Db1C5DC3FBe7f403E7b52CA3BFAd

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