Liquidity Generator

You can use this template to create a popular type of token that has a % of fee in each transaction. Based on the settings, the fee will: be reflected to all token holders for passive yield, or/and to add to the liquidity, or/and to send to a charity/marketing address.


Transaction fee to generate yield (%): The % from every transaction distributed to all token holders.

Transaction fee to generate liquidity (%): The % from every transaction distributed to the liquidity pool.

Charity/Marketing (%): The % from every transaction distributed to a charity/marketing address.

Charity/Marketing address: Amount from "Charity/Marketing (%)" will be distributed to this address.


Total transaction fee cannot be more than 25%.

Charity/Marketing (%) is only effective with a valid charity/marketing address.

If the fee to generate liquidity (%) is more than 0, please add some liquidity to the WBCH pair on BenSwap right after the token creation to avoid transaction errors later.

When you remove liquidity for this token type, please select "Receive WBCH" to avoid transaction error or extra fees (see below), unless the router address is whitelisted.

Owner Previledge

As the owner of a liquidity generator token contract, you can manage a whitelist. Click on the whitelist related buttons to add/remove/check an address in the popup windows. There will be no transaction fee if either the sender or the receiver is in the whitelist. The token creator is added to the whitelist by default.

You can also transfer or renounce the ownership just like other token types.

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