Yield Farming
You can provide liquidity for your favorite tokens and stake LPs to earn EBEN on BenSwap (on the "farm" page).
Your rewards per block = (Your tokens staked in this farm / Total tokens staked in this farm) * (Multiplier of this farm / Total multiplier across farms and pools) * Current EBEN emission rate
While yield farming usually has an insanely high APY, please understand the risks and do not risk more than you can lose.


When you participate in yield farming, you may be exposed to various risks, including but not limited to:
    When you provide the liquidity you are at risk of an impermanent loss.
    When you buy some token to add liquidity you are at risk of token value loss.
    Although we tried to ensure the security of our contracts and the platform, there always might be a risk of an exploit.
Please DYOR before action.


Last modified 1mo ago
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