Limit Orders

With our limit order protocol, you can trade your tokens at desired rates.

Please note that a limit order is not guaranteed to execute even if the market price has reached its target, it can only be filled when someone trades against it.

This service is free to use.

Limit/P2P Orders Watcher Group:


Your tokens don't leave your wallet when you submit an order. If you move your tokens before an order is taken, it simply won't be traded, or will only be executed partially depending on the balance in your wallet at that time. If you repeatedly submit certain orders and the total amount exceeds your wallet balance, this will only cause some orders to not be executed.

Inteligent Rate Detection

On the "Create" page, the interface is able to detect the current market rate between two given tokens in a smart way even for those that are barely related.


On the explorer you can check the latest orders on the market or make modifications/cancellations on your own orders.


On the "Swap" page, you can trade against existing limit orders on the market. The interface is able to find the best executable price and quantity for any given pair.


LimitEx: 0x100609b86B1dc4Fc6D31F899447E5D2AE24df8A8

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